The Australian National University Sculpture Walk


I had lived in Canberra for some 14 years and the last place I would have thought of going for a walk, let alone a walk to see modern sculptures, would have been the grounds of the Australian National University. Continue reading “The Australian National University Sculpture Walk”

University Art Gallery – Lost for Words


The University of Sydney Art Gallery has in excess of 7,000 artworks by Australian, European and Asian artists, collected since 1850. This collection includes paintings, watercolours, drawings, textiles, sculptures and much more. Continue reading “University Art Gallery – Lost for Words”

The Castle Gardens


If these beautiful little tranquil gardens were in any other city in the world I would recommend you visit them to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I can hardly do that for Jamestown, as, off course, there is no hustle and bustle to get away from!

For Jamestown just further indulge yourself and visit. Your whole trip is one of self-indulgence after all! Continue reading “The Castle Gardens”