Weetangera Cemetery


Those who have read more than a handful of my reviews will be aware of my predilection for visiting old cemeteries. This is not out of any sense of morbid curiosity but rather because of their value in getting to know a local area and its social history, in particular. Continue reading “Weetangera Cemetery”

Pirie Street Methodist Church and Meeting Hall


As I have intimated in my review on Pilgrim Uniting Church, the block between Flinders Street and Pirie Street, hosted two churches – the then Stow Memorial Church (accessed from Flinders Street) and the Wesleyan Methodist Church (accessed from Pirie Street. Until 1969, when the two congregations merged the churches were separated by a high stone wall and locked gate. Continue reading “Pirie Street Methodist Church and Meeting Hall”

KU Maybanke Preschool


In recent years there have been ongoing calls in Australia for state provided or heavily subsidised kindergarten and outside school hours childcare – a very literal example of the nanny state that Australia is fast becoming.

This call is nothing new and the groundswell for kindergartens began in Australia in the late 1800s when things were very different than they are today. Continue reading “KU Maybanke Preschool”