War Horse Memorial


While we are all very familiar with war memorials which remember, or act as a memorial to, people who took part in and/or died in wars one occasionally finds one to animals, most commonly horses. Continue reading “War Horse Memorial”


Bradleys Head and its Naval Connections


Bradleys Point is the largest intact area of remnant vegetation remaining in the Inner Sydney Harbour area. This is, in no small measure, due to the fact that the point has, since European settlement, until it became a park been in the hands of the military (navy), thus precluding commercial development. At the very end of the 19th century attempts to develop part of the headland as a mining camp came to nought when a public outcry lead to the cancellation of a mining lease which would have permitted the extraction of a coal seam under the harbour in this area. Continue reading “Bradleys Head and its Naval Connections”

Mt Pleasant & Royal Australian Artillery Memorial


Mt Pleasant is one of four lookouts over Canberra city and the surrounding area.
It is probably the least visited of the four. Perhaps people are nervous and put off coming here as you have to drive through the grounds of the Duntroon Royal Military College. While there is security here there is absolutely no problem driving through Duntroon so please don’t let that deter you. Continue reading “Mt Pleasant & Royal Australian Artillery Memorial”

Kemal Ataturk Memorial


This Anzac Parade memorial, a crescent-shaped wall and five pillars derived from the symbol and star on the Turkish flag was dedicated on 25 April 1985 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Gallipoli landing. It honours Kemal Ataturk, commander of Turkish forces at Gallipoli and later the first president of modern Turkey, as well as the heroism and sacrifice of both the ANZAC and Turkish troops who took part in the campaign. Continue reading “Kemal Ataturk Memorial”