Weston Park – Kangaroos in the City


Located on the southern shore of Lake Burley Griffin, this is one of my favourite parks in Canberra, if not my favourite. Most of the time I just enjoy the 40 hectare park as I cycle through it while riding around lake though sometimes I will specifically go here for a walk, more so now that dogs (on leashes) are permitted. Continue reading “Weston Park – Kangaroos in the City”


Scrivener Dam and Lake Burley Griffin


Readers familiar with Canberra, and readers of others of my Canberra reviews, will know that the ‘centre piece’ (or is it the pièce de résistance?) of the planned city of Canberra is a large artificial lake named after the man engaged to design a custom built capital city befitting of the then newly created Commonwealth of Australia (1901). Continue reading “Scrivener Dam and Lake Burley Griffin”

Reflections on the Lake


On a nice calm day, of which we have many in Canberra, with the right cloud conditions you can see some wonderful reflections on Lake Burley Griffin as you walk along the northern shoreline of the central basin, as I did last weekend. While I am far from a skilled photographer and use a relatively simple point and click camera I hope the photos attached create a favourable impression. Continue reading “Reflections on the Lake”

Walk Around The Lake – Lake Burley Griffin


The title of this review may be a bit misleading – I actually mean a walk around the central basin – a circular walk of 5kms crossing the lake via Commonwealth and King’s bridges (bridge to bridge). This is an easy walk along flat (apart from going up and down onto the bridges to cross the lake – steps or ramp) sealed paths and is a favourite of locals and tourists alike. Please look at my separate review on cycling around the whole lake – some 29 kms though shorter options are also mentioned there. Off course there is nothing stopping you walking the lot. Continue reading “Walk Around The Lake – Lake Burley Griffin”