Sleeping, Eating and Coffee from Heaven


We were given a choice of two hotels for out overnight stop in the Mt Myohyang area. The first was the luxury Hyangsan Hotel, tucked away at the base of Mt Myohyang. A couple of our group, wisely, chose to stay here so we did get a look around – see below. Continue reading “Sleeping, Eating and Coffee from Heaven”


The Joint Security Area & Meeting Rooms


When most people think of the Korean Demilitarised Zone the image that most often comes to mind is one of Joint Security Area (JSA), and in particular the three blue and two white buildings therein which straddle the border between North and South Korea (pictured above). The JSA is the only place where visitors from both North and South Korea visit – albeit (with one exception – see below) their respective part of the JSA. Continue reading “The Joint Security Area & Meeting Rooms”

The Axe Murder Incident

The Axe

With the signing of an Armistice Agreement in 1953 Korean War hostilities came to an end and former combatants commenced negotiations to bring about a peace agreement to formally end the Korean War, a war which gained practically nothing for either side but cost the lives of almost 3 million people.

At the time of my visit in April 2014 these peace negotiations were in their 61st year and peace between the two belligerents seemed no closer than it did when the military truce was called in 1953.
Continue reading “The Axe Murder Incident”

Monument to Victorious Fatherland Liberation War

Victory Sculpture

This is the fourth of a series of five reviews on the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum Complex. If you have not already done so, please read my Introductory Complex review before continuing.

Prior to the addition of the Museum, the military hardware displays and the USS Pueblo in 2012 this site was dedicated to the Monument to Victorious Fatherland Liberation War which encompasses all the monuments you see, including the grand entrance to the whole complex. Continue reading “Monument to Victorious Fatherland Liberation War”