Sore Neck Walk – Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve – Spot a Koala

27As you may have guessed there is, in fact, no walk in the Reserve with the name Sore Neck though for a country with places like Mount Buggery, Titwobble Lane and many more in a similar vain (see my Australia introduction review for many more) it would not be a surprise if there was. What I refer to as Sore Neck walk is in fact two walks – Koala Path, a very easy 700m loop walk which can easily be done in 15-20 minutes and Peppermint Trail an equally easy 1.8 kms loop walk which can be done in 30-45 mins. Koala Path is actually wheelchair accessible.

I have included both these walks in the same review as they are of similar scenery and intent and are indeed within the same fence enclosed area. Essentially Koala Path is a sealed surface sub-part of the gravel Peppermint Trail. Continue reading “Sore Neck Walk – Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve – Spot a Koala”