Banqueting House – A House of Indulgence


When Cardinal Wolsey fell out of favour with King Henry VIII in 1530 he lost his Thames-side abode, then called York Palace, to Henry. While far from a slum, Henry set about turning Wolsey’s Palace (which he renamed Whitehall) into a place fit for a king and within a short time it was the grandest and most ostentatious palace in Europe. The Banqueting House we see today (added in 1619) was but one of the many buildings within the Palace confines. Continue reading “Banqueting House – A House of Indulgence”

Portora – The Royal School


Apart from their excellent writing skills what does the Rambling Wombat(that’s me!), Oscar Wilde, Samuel Beckett and Henry Francis Lyte have in common?

Answer: We all went to the same school – Portora Royal School in Enniskillen. Continue reading “Portora – The Royal School”