The Railway and north Goulburn

Anyone who has been to Goulburn and up the Rocky Hill War Memorial will immediately recognise the viaduct in my main picture above. When you come down into town it is nowhere to be seen and unless you know exactly where you are going it’s actually hard to find it. Big though it is, you will not stumble across it. Continue reading “The Railway and north Goulburn”

Gundagai Old Gaol and Police Station


Located in Byron Street and just up the hill from the Court House is Gundagai’s historic police station and gaol.

The first part of the gaol, a police station/lock-up was built shortly after the Court House and opened for business 1859. The main cell block, gaoler’s residence and the rather unique local slate wall with rendered capping you see today were added between 1859 and 1880. Like the Court House, the Gaol and Police Station were designed by colonial architects, Alexander Dawson and Walter Liberty Vernon. Continue reading “Gundagai Old Gaol and Police Station”