Enniskillen War Memorial

Enniskillen’s War Memorial at the intersection of Belmore Steet, the Queen Elizabeth Road and East Bridge Street was constructed in the aftermath of World War I to commemorate those who lost their lives in that war.

The Memorial stands about 6.5 metres high and is surmounted by a bronze figure of a lone private soldier in war kit, head bowed and leaning on his reversed rifle. I was particularly taken by the 1932 picture of the War Memorial (picture 2 above) taken by Fr.Francis Browne MC, former Chaplin to the Irish Guards. Continue reading “Enniskillen War Memorial”


The Forthill Promenade and Pleasure Park

A rather formal name for a very pretty little park worthy an hour or so of your time. Locals refer to it as Forthill Park or simply Cole’s Monument. You might secure a rather strange look about town if you enquire as to the whereabouts of the Pleasure Park! Continue reading “The Forthill Promenade and Pleasure Park”

Enniskillen Town Hall


The Town Hall is located in the centre of Enniskillen (at the Diamond) and on one of two hills on the Island. Atop the other hill, a couple of hundred metres away, is St Macartin’s Cathedral. Continue reading “Enniskillen Town Hall”


St Macartin’s Cathedral


Having secured Enniskillen in 1607 during the Ulster Plantation, William Cole set about developing the town. The Island had two small hills. Cole decided that the higher of the hills would be the site of a church while the slightly lower would be used as a market place – the Townhall now occupies the latter site. Continue reading “St Macartin’s Cathedral”


Enniskillen Castle Complex


The castle complex consists of a number of buildings including the Keep (main castle), the Watergate, a magazine, various barracks buildings and a reception area. The reception area, which houses the Fermanagh County Museum, opened in 1992-3. Continue reading “Enniskillen Castle Complex”