The Ryugyong Hotel In A Whole New Light

For a country that can build buildings in a day or two (for example, the Armistice Signing Hall in Panmunjom in the DMZ) and whole streets full of high rise buildings in a year the 330 metres high, 105 story Ryugyong Hotel (Ryugyong – ‘capital of willows’– a former name for Pyongyang) remains uncompleted after 27 years and until 2018 has been a major embarrassment for North Korea. Continue reading “The Ryugyong Hotel In A Whole New Light”


Port Admiral Hotel and Coach House


The hotels and drinking establishments covered in my heritage pub trail (crawl) review all had one thing in common. They were in operation and awaited your business.

I am delighted to report that the Port Admiral Hotel which closed in 2006 and has lain derelict ever since has been renovated and it opened for business again in November 2017. It should certainly be added to your trail (or, as the case may be, crawl). Lest you wonder, my attached pictures of the hotel are in its pre-renovated state! Continue reading “Port Admiral Hotel and Coach House”

Largs Bay And The Largs Pier Hotel


Largs Bay is the smallest of a number of seaside resorts on Gulf St Vincent and is within easy reach of Adelaide city centre (15kms). Located between Semaphore and Outer Harbor it is certainly worth a stop if you are driving around the LeFevre Peninsula or riding along the cycle path which runs from Outer Harbor, in the north, to Brighton, in the south. Outside the natural beauty of the coastline the historic Largs Pier Hotel is worthy a look. Continue reading “Largs Bay And The Largs Pier Hotel”

Carberry’s Inn – Five Mile Creek


While whether Bullocky Bill’s dog ‘sat on’ or ‘shat in’ his tuckerbox here at Five Mile Creek or at Nine Mile Creek is a matter of debate what is for real is that Five Mile Creek has long been an important rest stop for travellers. In the early 1800s it was a base and rest stop for pioneers making their way further into the then unexplored interior of Australia. Today it is a favourite rest stop for the modern traveller traversing the south-east tip of Australia via the 840 kms long Hume Highway which links Australia’s two largest cities, Sydney and Melbourne. Continue reading “Carberry’s Inn – Five Mile Creek”

Darling Street Apartments: Quiet and Secluded


Often when we travel within Australia we take our small dog with us. This necessitates advance planning in terms of accommodation and severely restricts where we can stay.

The upside, when it comes to Sydney, is that rather than staying in small hotel rooms in the inner city we generally end up in much more spacious apartment style digs, invariably self catering and with a small courtyard. This comes at around the same price as, or less than, a basic viewless inner city hotel room, especially when you add the outrageous cost city centre hotels charge for car parking. Continue reading “Darling Street Apartments: Quiet and Secluded”

Obsidian Hotel – The Island’s Best!


As of Oct 2017 the Obsidian (and its related accommodation options) has closed due to the termination of flights to the UK making it nonviable to remain open. Very sad. This may change as/if accessibility to the island improves. I have retained my review as originally written.

I will only be writing one hotel review for Ascension Island as there is only one hotel on the island. Be advised that you must have accommodation arranged prior to arriving in Ascension. Continue reading “Obsidian Hotel – The Island’s Best!”

Ibis Budget Enfield -Great Budget Option for Us


Accommodation in the centre of Sydney is often in short supply and has become very expensive.

Recently I have started cycling again (to and from work and the odd fun ride) and wanted to do a couple of rides in Sydney. I hasten to add that Sydney is not a good place for fun cycling given its dearth of cycle paths and its rather hilly terrain. Indeed I would sadly, in the main, recommend against cycling as a mode of transport or a way of sightseeing for the visitor to Sydney. Continue reading “Ibis Budget Enfield -Great Budget Option for Us”