Amnokgang Hotel: “Clean and Comfortable”


Until mid 2013 Sinuiju was off limits to western tourists and those who exited North Korea by train only stopped in the train station for customs and immigration formalities which took place on the train, as they still do for those proceeding into China. Visitors from China could only enter on a day trip with no overnight options.

Since mid 2013 it has been possible to stop-over in Sinuiju. At present there is only one hotel at which foreign visitors can stay – the Amnokgang Hotel. Continue reading “Amnokgang Hotel: “Clean and Comfortable””

Kaesong Folk Custom Hotel: ‘Traditional Korean Hotel’


There are very few places where visitors are permitted to stay in Kaesong and you, like me, will most likely stay at the traditional Korean style Folk Custom Hotel, opened in 1989 and situated on the periphery of Kaesong old town. This is a good thing as long as you are aware that it is a traditional Korean hotel so you will sleep on a padded floor mat and eat sitting on the floor. Continue reading “Kaesong Folk Custom Hotel: ‘Traditional Korean Hotel’”

Days Inn, Forbidden City

Days Inn, Forbidden City

When I book accommodation, after basic cleanliness, my number one criteria is location which in most cases has to be traded off against cost. Whether the front desk staff are friendly and can speak English or otherwise is of secondary importance as I am very self sufficient when travelling. Indeed I am becoming fond of check-in and check-out machines which are becoming increasingly common in countries like Japan.

I digress, back to Days Inn Forbidden City. Continue reading “Days Inn, Forbidden City”