Hop-on Hop-off Bus -Perhaps Better Not To Hop-on


Firstly let me get one thing out of the way – there is only one hop-on, hop-off service in Sydney that I know about. It is marketed under three banners City Explorer (the original name for the service), City Sightseeing and now (2017), Big Bus Sydney. Don’t be confused into thinking that there might be competition here, there isn’t. Continue reading “Hop-on Hop-off Bus -Perhaps Better Not To Hop-on”

Red Explorer Bus – Hop-on Hop off


Readers of others of my reviews will be aware that, with one exception – Cape Town – I feel that, for me, hop-on-hop-off bus services are too restrictive and not worth what they charge. I prefer to do my own thing and find local transport services to be as convenient, generally much more frequent and certainly a lot cheaper. Continue reading “Red Explorer Bus – Hop-on Hop off”