Goulburn – Chilled Out Country Living, With City Benefits

Goulburn is a thriving regional Australian city in New South Wales’ Southern Tablelands, well situated on the main travel routes between Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. It is about two hours drive from Sydney and an hour from Canberra. Continue reading “Goulburn – Chilled Out Country Living, With City Benefits”

Sherwood Homestead (Former) Walk Via Blue Range Hut

Generally when people do this walk they do it in either spring or autumn. This lets them enjoy either the display of daffodils still growing on the site of the long abandoned Sherwood Homestead or the sight of a range of exotic deciduous trees as their leaves transform from green to an assortment of browns, yellows and reds before finally drifting to the ground in the former homestead gardens.

Not being one to follow the crowd I visited in the winter. Continue reading “Sherwood Homestead (Former) Walk Via Blue Range Hut”

Palmerville Heritage Park – Imagine the History

Strolling down the main red gravel avenue within Palmerville Heritage Park my mind wandered back one hundred and fifty years. I was imagining a Victorian couple out for a Sunday promanade along the pathway lined with gorgeous elms and poplars. It had that feel, notwithstanding the very un-British temperature when I visited – somewhere in the mid thirties (centigrade). Continue reading “Palmerville Heritage Park – Imagine the History”

The Old Gum Tree


The HMS Buffalo, the ship carrying Governor “elect” Hindmarsh and other early settlers of South Australia arrived in Holdfast Bay, Glenelg on the 28th December 1836.

That afternoon in a temperature of over 40 degrees centigrade (100+F – nothing has changed in this regard and summer temperatures regularly reach 40 degrees still) everyone gathered under the “Old Gum Tree” to listen to Hindmarsh reading a proclamation, on behalf of King William IV, which announced that the government and State of South Australia had been established, that the law would be enforced and that Aboriginal people would be protected. Continue reading “The Old Gum Tree”

Moseley Square and the Beachouse – General


Moseley Square, named after an early councillor, is a popular gathering spot for people and the terminus for the tram connecting Glenelg to Adelaide. A number of eateries are located within the square which sits at the end of Jetty Road, itself full of eateries.

In terms of attractions in or around the Square, I have prepared separate reviews on:

Glenelg Beach
Glenelg Jetty
The Pioneer Memorial

While in the square area also have a look at: Continue reading “Moseley Square and the Beachouse – General”

Semaphore Heritage Walk


Regular readers of my entries will be aware that I am a big fan of heritage/historical walks around towns and villages. They often give a more realistic feel for a place and its history than visiting the main tourist attractions. If you have time the Heritage Walk in Semaphore is worthy the hour or so it takes. The full walk is certainly not a must do and a visit to the items upon which I have prepared individual entries will give you a good feel for the place (most of them are on the walk anyway). Continue reading “Semaphore Heritage Walk”