HMS Buffalo


The HMS Buffalo was built as the Hindostan in Calcutta in 1813. She was subsequently purchased by the Royal Navy as a storeship and renamed HMS Buffalo. Prior to the event for which she is remembered in Glenelg, the Buffalo, after service in the Napoleonic Wars had made a number of trips to Australia and New Zealand as a freighter, quarantine ship and perhaps most notably as a convict ship (to Australia) in the early 1830s. Continue reading “HMS Buffalo”

The Old Gum Tree


The HMS Buffalo, the ship carrying Governor “elect” Hindmarsh and other early settlers of South Australia arrived in Holdfast Bay, Glenelg on the 28th December 1836.

That afternoon in a temperature of over 40 degrees centigrade (100+F – nothing has changed in this regard and summer temperatures regularly reach 40 degrees still) everyone gathered under the “Old Gum Tree” to listen to Hindmarsh reading a proclamation, on behalf of King William IV, which announced that the government and State of South Australia had been established, that the law would be enforced and that Aboriginal people would be protected. Continue reading “The Old Gum Tree”