Street Art On A Grand Scale

Irrespective of how you approach Port Adelaide (the Port) you will see at least one of murals on either gable wall of the nine story old Fisheries Building, some distance before you get to the building. Continue reading “Street Art On A Grand Scale”


Science Reaches Out Through Street Art


Readers of my reviews here will be aware that I have a liking for graffiti/street art and by that I mean quality art in areas where it is permitted, not illegal tagging and wanton defacement of either public or private property. Continue reading “Science Reaches Out Through Street Art”


Graffiti Art in the City


While there are numerous examples of good graffiti art all over Canberra the majority would be time consuming for the visitor, with only a passing interest in the subject, to visit. There are currently (Sept 2016) 24 legal street art sites in Canberra, primarily road underpasses and spillways. Additionally there are a number more formal and more professional mural sites. Continue reading “Graffiti Art in the City”


Paint The Town Any Colour You Like!


I am as much against the wanton destruction of public and private property by graffiti as I am sure you are. Local governments and councils worldwide deal with it every day and we all pay through higher council rates, public transport fares and other taxes to have this vandalism removed. Continue reading “Paint The Town Any Colour You Like!”


The Oldest Colonial Graffiti in Australia


While a little hard to decipher, especially from my photos, three sets of initials (WB, FM and IR) and the year 1788 engraved on sandstone rocks on the hilly and wooded northern part of Garden Island are thought to be genuine, dating back to 1788. This makes them the earliest known examples of graffiti in Colonial Australia and the oldest surviving evidence of British settlement on the continent. Continue reading “The Oldest Colonial Graffiti in Australia”


‘Graffiti’ in the Old City

Of late I have taken a liking to street art – aka graffiti. Lest my Reader think that I have developed anti-social tendencies in my advancing years, I assure you I am absolutely against wanton destruction of public or private property by tasteless tagging and the like. Continue reading “‘Graffiti’ in the Old City”