The Cenotaph – Martin Place


As war memorials go, Sydney’s Cenotaph is small and rather plain though perhaps this has as much to do with its location, exposed in the centre of Martin Place in the midst of rather large and ornate buildings, rather than the actual Cenotaph itself. Continue reading “The Cenotaph – Martin Place”

The Post Master General’s Flirtatious Maid


When I admired the former General Post Office (GPO) spandrels, or rather the adornments thereon, I had never heard of a spandrel – though, as it turns out, I have seen and admired many. Lest my reader be as ignorant as I in architectural nomenclature, a spandrel is the space between two arches or between an arch and a rectangular enclosure.

When admiring the former GPO building do make your way around to the Pitt Street side of the building and look up at the spandrels. Continue reading “The Post Master General’s Flirtatious Maid”