Government House – Adelaide


This rather grand property behind a high stone wall on North Terrace is home to the Governor of South Australia – Queen Elizabeth II’s representative in South Australia. The Governor is appointed by the Queen on the advice on the State’s Premier and while, in recent times, Governors have typically served for around five years the appointment is “at the Queen’s pleasure.” The Governor is not to be confused with the Queen’s other ‘guests’ – prisoners – who may also serve time “at Her Majesty’s, or the Queen’s, pleasure”. Continue reading “Government House – Adelaide”

A Most “Uncastle” looking Castle

The Castle from Jacob’s Ladder

The Castle, which actually bears no resemblance to what one imagines a castle to be at all, is as it always has been, the main government building on St Helena. The building includes the Governor’s office (if you want to send him a letter pop it in the special post box), Council Chambers, the Island’s archives, the police station, court buildings, a library and other offices. Continue reading “A Most “Uncastle” looking Castle”