Play Golf But Leave Your Clubs At Home


Why would I write a review suggesting you play golf yet leave your clubs at home? I will explain.

If you Google “world’s worst golf courses” you will find that the course on Ascension Island appears fairly early on in the search results. Continue reading “Play Golf But Leave Your Clubs At Home”

Bundoran Golf Club – Golf – If You Must


With advancing years, there are a declining number of things about my early life that I can recall with absolute certainty. One thing that I am absolutely sure of is that I have played golf three times in my life; once on a cold, miserable winter’s morning in Blacklion (not far from Bundoran), once in the sweltering heat and unrelenting sun somewhere close to Estapona in Spain and once here at the Bundoran Golf Club on a pleasant but windy day. Yes, I was dragged screaming on all three occasions. Continue reading “Bundoran Golf Club – Golf – If You Must”