Koalas in the Australian National Botanic Gardens

On hearing that there were koalas (albeit of the ceramic variety) in my local botanical gardens and being in need of a walk one glorious autumn morning I decided to go and have a look. Continue reading “Koalas in the Australian National Botanic Gardens”

Mt Lofty Botanic Garden


What a great place to escape to from the city.

The Mt Lofty Botanic Garden is one of three botanic gardens managed by the South Australian Department of the Environment and is by far the largest but still very manageable in that you could see nearly all of it in a day and get a great flavour of the Garden in much less time. Do allow at least a few hours though. Continue reading “Mt Lofty Botanic Garden”

Lambing Flat Chinese Tribute Garden


In 1860 around 2000 Chinese prospectors were drawn to Young, lured by the possibility of making their fortunes in the goldfields. Within months gold reserves were dwindling and European miners, resentful of the well organised and successful Chinese miners, banded together to drive Chinese prospectors out of town. See my Reading the Riot Act review for more detail on the shocking treatment meted out to the Chinese at this time. Continue reading “Lambing Flat Chinese Tribute Garden”

Australian National Botanic Gardens


Allow yourself about two hours (more if you want to sample the café in the gardens which I thoroughly recommend you do) to see these delightful and varied gardens. The National Botanic Gardens, run by the Government, specialises in Australian native plants and contains nearly 7,000 of some 18,000 identified species found in Australia, all set in Canberra’s bushland environment. Continue reading “Australian National Botanic Gardens”

The Castle Gardens


If these beautiful little tranquil gardens were in any other city in the world I would recommend you visit them to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I can hardly do that for Jamestown, as, off course, there is no hustle and bustle to get away from!

For Jamestown just further indulge yourself and visit. Your whole trip is one of self-indulgence after all! Continue reading “The Castle Gardens”