Fine Public Buildings and a Gaol Museum in Cooma

With the discovery of gold at nearby Kiandra in 1859 and a resultant gold rush starting in 1860 – short-lived though it was – Cooma rapidly expanded from a minor settlement. Between 1851 and 1911 the population grew from 47 to 2,330. Continue reading “Fine Public Buildings and a Gaol Museum in Cooma”

Gundagai Old Gaol and Police Station


Located in Byron Street and just up the hill from the Court House is Gundagai’s historic police station and gaol.

The first part of the gaol, a police station/lock-up was built shortly after the Court House and opened for business 1859. The main cell block, gaoler’s residence and the rather unique local slate wall with rendered capping you see today were added between 1859 and 1880. Like the Court House, the Gaol and Police Station were designed by colonial architects, Alexander Dawson and Walter Liberty Vernon. Continue reading “Gundagai Old Gaol and Police Station”

Heritage Tower – Former Derry Gaol


This is the last remaining tower of a former gaol, the remainder of which was demolished in 1973. While the original gaol was built in 1791 the towers were an 1824 addition with this one being a hanging tower. This was the City’s third prison and replaced ones at the junction of Bishop Street and the Diamond (1620) and one at Ferryquay Gate (1676). Continue reading “Heritage Tower – Former Derry Gaol”