Water For The Port – Formby Memorial Fountain


One for lovers of Victoriana.

Drinking water has been a problem in Port Adelaide since the port’s founding in the 1830s. Some would say it remains a problem for Adelaide even today with its very hard water – though it tastes fine to me. Continue reading “Water For The Port – Formby Memorial Fountain”


Three Rivers Fountain


I should state upfront, lest people who have visited this fountain prior to 2014 think I have lost my sense of direction, that this fountain has in fact moved. It is at the southern end of Victoria Square and not the northern end, having been moved in a 2013-14 redevelopment of the Square. Continue reading “Three Rivers Fountain”

The El Alamein Fountain


I don’t know why but I have always found it rather disconcerting that a war memorial be placed in a location more renowned for depravity and debauchery than commemoration of battles in distant lands. Placed in the centre of Kings Cross (affectionately referred to simply as The Cross), Sydney’s notorious red light district, it is hardly surprising that this memorial has become known locally as the elephant douche. Continue reading “The El Alamein Fountain”