Hoeryong – Snacking, Wining, Dining and Sleeping

As usual we had an early start to the day, so as to fit in a final sightseeing stop in Chongjin prior to heading inland on our 2 – 3 hours drive to Hoeryong. En route we stopped at a small unmarked shop which sold bottled water (for a few cents) from the adjacent bottling plant which our guides assured us produced the best water in North Korea. A plaque by the shop detailed the makeup of the water for those seeking additional assurance in this regard. Continue reading “Hoeryong – Snacking, Wining, Dining and Sleeping”

A Place of Insidious Temptation


The Adelaide Central Market first opened in 1869, though was called the City Market until 1965.

In earlier days, besides selling produce, the market area doubled up as a venue for public meetings and outdoors entertainment, such as Wilson’s Circus troupe with its man-eating lions. I have seen nothing to suggest that they actually ate any men. Continue reading “A Place of Insidious Temptation”