An Evening Promenade – Jongdok Islet, Wonsan

Wonsan has been an important port since it was established in around 1880, primarily for trade with Japan. In 1919, during their occupation of the Korean Peninsula, the Japanese further developed the port and built a causeway/breakwater out to Jangdok Islet on which they built a lighthouse – for the protection of the harbour and shipping, mainly their own.

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Jipsam Revolutionary Site

Today we had a choice of two activities for our pre-lunch stop. After lunch we would continue on to Orang airport for our return flight to Pyongyang. Having a choice in North Korea, and in particular one that results in the group being split in two, is rare but was made easier here in the north east of the country as we had additional local guides and we were travelling in two smaller buses.  Our normal large bus was not suited to the roads in this more mountainous part of the country but then again neither was one of our smaller buses though that’s a story for another review. Continue reading “Jipsam Revolutionary Site”

Glenelg Jetty – For Your Next Promenade


If you have read my review on Glenelg beach you will be aware of the restrictions put on people (particularly males) bathing on the beach during day light hours in the second half of the 19th century and, when the bathing was eventually permitted during the day, the restrictions on bathing attire that could be worn into the 20th century. Continue reading “Glenelg Jetty – For Your Next Promenade”