Korean Feature Film Studio (2) – The Film Sets


If you have not read the first part of this review – Korean Feature Film Studio (1) – I recommend that you do so before reading this part.

In the knowledge that the North Korean film industry only produces patriotic and revolutionary historical epics (no need for the masses to see Kim Jong-il’s private collection or anything else) the film sets at the studio are restricted to an ancient Korea village, a 1920s Japanese street, a 1950s South Korean street, a traditional rural village and a number of seemingly unrelated European buildings. Continue reading “Korean Feature Film Studio (2) – The Film Sets”


Korean Feature Film Studio (I)


Having spent a number of days in North Korea it was time to visit the Korean Feature Film Studio, or more specifically the film sets as we did not get into the studios themselves.

Many would argue, and with some justification, that the whole of North Korea is like a film set where everything is stage managed and has an air of artificiality about it. Continue reading “Korean Feature Film Studio (I)”

“Let them eat pizza”

Pizza in Pyongyang

My reader may be familiar with the retort “let them eat cake’ attributed (probably wrongly) to Queen Marie Antoinette. This retort was made on hearing that French peasants had no bread and showed the speaker’s obliviousness to the condition of the people, especially given that cake (or brioche) was actually more expensive than bread.

Many will know that the Dear Leader, Kim Jong-il had a taste for the good things of life and lapped it up Continue reading ““Let them eat pizza””