Sydney Ferries


Sydney Ferries is a one part of an integrated transport system in Sydney which includes ferries, trains, buses and light rail.

There are almost 30 ferries in the fleet ranging from the traditional green and yellow ones to a more modern, though not as atmospheric, catamaran fleet of RiverCats, HarbourCats and SuperCats. Continue reading “Sydney Ferries”


Getting from Stockholm to to Riga by Ferry


Instead of flying from Stockholm to Riga we decided to take Tallink’s ferry, the M/S Isabelle. The trip lasted about 18hrs and was indeed pleasant with everything from check-in at Stockholm’s Frihamnen Terminal to disembarkation at the Riga Passenger Terminal running smoothly. A most civilised and stress-free way to travel. Continue reading “Getting from Stockholm to to Riga by Ferry”

Take the Ferry to White Island

White Island Ferry

Unsurprisingly the White Island ferry exists to ferry people back and forth from White Island, the location of a series of beautiful early Christian stone carvings dating from pre-Norman times and the ruins of a 12th century church on which I have written a separate entry – White Island Carvings and Church.

The ferry departs from Castle Archdale Country Park Marina. Continue reading “Take the Ferry to White Island”

Getting to the Ile des Pins and Getting Around


For me, the Ile des Pins was a stop on a short South Pacific cruise. A number of operators offer cruises from Australia which stop at the Ile des Pins and this is the way the majority of international visitors get to and from the island. That said, the island is also a popular weekend retreat for Noumeans, Noumea, the capital of New Caledonia, being a short flight or boat ride from the Ile des Pins. Continue reading “Getting to the Ile des Pins and Getting Around”