The Straight Line Border Walk

As I write this review borders, border security and cross border trade are very topical issues in many parts of the world. So much so that it got me wondering about the border between the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and the state of New South Wales (NSW), here in Australia. I needed to know if we, in the ACT, were safe from the evils of NSW! Continue reading “The Straight Line Border Walk”

National Archives – Australia’s Birth Certificates

The National Archives is custodian of all significant government/public service documents in Australia. No documents are of more significance than those which created The Commonwealth of Australia (to give it its full name) – affectionately known as the country’s birth certificates. Continue reading “National Archives – Australia’s Birth Certificates”

National Archives – Certainly Surprised Me


The National Archives of Australia is responsible for keeping federal government records – the Government and Public (Civil) Service filing system if you like. My initial thoughts were what could possibly be of any interest to a visitor among the 40 million odd records created by bureaucrats/armed forces and politicians and held by the National Archives? Then I thought – in 40 million records there must be something of interest and indeed there is – this place holds records ranging from those covering dramatic events that shaped the nation to decisions that impacted the lives of individual Australians. Continue reading “National Archives – Certainly Surprised Me”