St Saviour’s Cemetery Goulburn

While there are a small number of graves in the grounds of St Saviour’s Cathedral (mainly bishops, deans and other church officials) the cathedral’s official, though now closed, cemetery is located at Cemetery Road on the Sydney side of the City. Continue reading “St Saviour’s Cemetery Goulburn”


Sturt Cairn – Murrumbidgee River Crossing

136Explorer, soldier and public servant, Charles Sturt (1795-1869) was born on 28 April 1795 in India, the son of an English judge in Bengal, then under control of the East India Company.

In December 1826, after a brief period in England, he set out for Australia – in charge of convicts on the Mariner (ship) – arriving in Sydney on 23 May 1827. Having arrived in Australia from the Home Country, at this time, a man of Sturt’s pedigree and credentials had a few options – politics, the army or explore inland in the new colony. After a short stint in the military Sturt chose the latter. Continue reading “Sturt Cairn – Murrumbidgee River Crossing”