Get A Free Bicycle For The Day


Adelaide City Bikes (Run by Bike SA) is a FREE bike hire scheme available to everyone every day. The scheme is an initiative of Adelaide City Council aimed at achieving a cleaner and greener city.

Bicycles are sturdy machines – certainly not designed for speed but they will get you around the city or along the coast. Bicycles can be ridden anywhere within the city limits – I recommend a ride along the banks of the Torrens River (including to the coast), the Parklands Trail and along the Gulf St Vincent. Continue reading “Get A Free Bicycle For The Day”

Cycling In Adelaide – General Review


In terms of off-road cycling, and indeed on road cycling, facilities in Adelaide have always, in my opinion ranked very poorly. I should say that I live in Canberra where we are absolutely spoiled in terms of dedicated off-road cycle paths.

By off-road I mean proper cycle paths (main picture) with reasonable quality, mostly sealed surfaces. I am not referring to mountain biking. Continue reading “Cycling In Adelaide – General Review”

Cycle Around Four Lakes


Readers of others of my reviews and those otherwise vaguely familiar with Canberra will be familiar with Lake Burley Griffin, an artificially created lake in the central Canberra area. There are, in fact, a number of other lakes in Canberra, all of them man-made. The largest of these lakes, each located in a ‘town centre’ are Lake Tuggeranong (in Tuggeranong) , Lake Ginninderra (in Belconnen) and Yerrabi Pond (Gungahlin). These are represented by the numbers 2-4 respectively on the map in picture 2 below. Number 1 marks Lake Burley Griffin.

Continue reading “Cycle Around Four Lakes”

Cycle Around Lake Burley Griffin – West Basin


Of the three lake rides referred to in my ‘Cycle around Lake Burley Griffin – General’ review (which I recommend you read before this review as it provides some general details on cycling in the Australian Capital Territory and on cycle hire, in addition to a map showing the location of this ride) the West Basin one is the longest at 16kms, the most difficult and the most rewarding scenery-wise providing you with a delightful insight into why Canberra is called the bush capital. Continue reading “Cycle Around Lake Burley Griffin – West Basin”

Cycle Around Lake Burley Griffin – Central Basin


My review ‘Cycle around Lake Burley Griffin – General’ provides some general information on cycling around Lake Burley Griffin and in the ACT generally. It also provides details on the limited options for hiring bicycles in Canberra. If you have not already read it, do have a look at it before continuing.

This is a short 5km ride along a flat sealed cycle/pedestrian path around the Central Basin of Lake Burley Griffin. Continue reading “Cycle Around Lake Burley Griffin – Central Basin”

Lake Tuggeranong – Enjoy a Great Walk


Like all other lakes in Canberra , Lake Tuggeranong is an artificial lake. It was constructed in 1987 coinciding with urban development in the area. The foreshore of the lake is parkland, with swimming, fishing, wind-surfing and non-motorised boating all permitted. A shared bicycle/walking path surrounds the lake, running for 6.7 kilometres. Continue reading “Lake Tuggeranong – Enjoy a Great Walk”