Money And The North Korean Economy

My reader will perhaps be rather puzzled as to why my first picture in a North Korean money review is of a 100 Chinese Yuan bill after which I feature some Euros and an American note while the local currency of North Korea, the Won, is relegated to fourth place. Continue reading “Money And The North Korean Economy”

Shopping At Yedjele Beach

Yadjele Beach – Beach Bar

If the title of this review conjures up visions of hotels, restaurants, bars, boutiques and nightclubs along the beach-front – visions of Copacabana, Ipanema and Bondi – then you may be disappointed with Yedjélé Beach. One the other hand, if like me, these visions put you off and you are after something altogether more simple (indeed at the other end of the spectrum) then shopping at Yedjélé Beach may be for you. Continue reading “Shopping At Yedjele Beach”