Onyong’s Grave

Site of Onyong’s Grave

I have remarked elsewhere on this blog that for a long time before the arrival of European settlers and the 1861 ‘formal settlement’ of Tharwa, Aboriginal people had been using this area as a crossing point for the Murrumbidgee River as they made their way up and down from the mountains. Continue reading “Onyong’s Grave”

The De Salis Cemetery – Fit for a Count

The De Salis Cemetery

The De Salis (or Cuppacumbalong) Cemetery is one of a small number of late 19th century private or family cemeteries in the Canberra region. By the end of the century private cemeteries were becoming something of a dying (pardon the pun) breed, originally having been necessary due to the lack of public cemeteries, in particular for pastoral families and their workers on stations in Australia’s interior. Continue reading “The De Salis Cemetery – Fit for a Count”