The Ryugyong Hotel In A Whole New Light

For a country that can build buildings in a day or two (for example, the Armistice Signing Hall in Panmunjom in the DMZ) and whole streets full of high rise buildings in a year the 330 metres high, 105 story Ryugyong Hotel (Ryugyong – ‘capital of willows’– a former name for Pyongyang) remains uncompleted after 27 years and until 2018 has been a major embarrassment for North Korea. Continue reading “The Ryugyong Hotel In A Whole New Light”

Greatest Trophy of War – USS Pueblo

USS – Pueblo

This is the third of a series of five reviews on the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum Complex. If you have not already done so, please read my introductory Complex review before continuing.

While unrelated to the Fatherland Liberation (Korean) War, this captured United States spy ship is moored on the river just behind the display of captured and wrecked US military hardware from the Korean War. This Cold War relic is, in terms of war trophies, North Korea’s number one. Continue reading “Greatest Trophy of War – USS Pueblo”