Taedongmun Cinema House

We passed this building on a number of occasions but didn’t actually stop or get to go inside. While suspecting a theatre, I didn’t know what the building was so, as I was really taken by the look of the exterior, I decided to investigate further. My investigations tell me that this is the Taedongmun Cinema House. Continue reading “Taedongmun Cinema House”

The Regent Arcade (Theatre)


A couple of doors down Rundle Mall (westwards) from the beautiful Victorian Adelaide Arcade is the Regent Arcade. Like the Adelaide Arcade, the Regent Arcade runs between, and connects, Rundle Mall and Grenfell Street.

A walk through the art deco Regent Arcade immediately brings one back to the roaring 20s. Or does it? Continue reading “The Regent Arcade (Theatre)”

Some Revolutionary Opera?

Pyongyang Grand Theatre

Having read my review of the Korean Feature Film Studio, read of Kim Jong-il’s contribution to the cinema industry and the arts in general and seen various references to revolutionary army choirs, revolutionary operas and much, much, more in various of my reviews you will, by now, be very excited to know where you can partake of these things should you visit Pyongyang though, perhaps because three hours plus of revolutionary opera or lengthy non-subtitled movies might get a bit boring, they do not often appear on the itinerary of most visitors – as they didn’t on mine. Continue reading “Some Revolutionary Opera?”