T.Chow Chinese Restaurant: “Yum Cha in Chinatown”


By the time we reached Adelaide’s Chinatown we had been walking around the city for about four hours and were famished. It was well and truly time for lunch.

As I indicated in my separate review on Chinatown, the area is comparatively small. That said it has a number of eateries of various Asian ethnicity, not just Chinese though we chose the T.Chow Chinese Restaurant for lunch. Continue reading “T.Chow Chinese Restaurant: “Yum Cha in Chinatown””

Lambing Flat Chinese Tribute Garden


In 1860 around 2000 Chinese prospectors were drawn to Young, lured by the possibility of making their fortunes in the goldfields. Within months gold reserves were dwindling and European miners, resentful of the well organised and successful Chinese miners, banded together to drive Chinese prospectors out of town. See my Reading the Riot Act review for more detail on the shocking treatment meted out to the Chinese at this time. Continue reading “Lambing Flat Chinese Tribute Garden”