Ponbu Kindergarten Show – Totally Amazing


Our final activity in Sinuiju, and indeed in North Korea before leaving the country, was a visit to Ponbu Kindergarten where we were shown around the facility by the headmistress (Chief) and then enjoyed a wonderful show put on by the children. Continue reading “Ponbu Kindergarten Show – Totally Amazing”


Other Extra Curriculum Activity


Not all children make it to the Students and Children’s Palace for its wide range of fun extra curriculum activities. Many, the non-elite, are forced engage in less fun extra curriculum activities (assuming they go to school at all). For city children this frequently appears to mean sweeping the streets and other public areas. While these children, tidying up around Kim Il-sung’s statue on Mount Janam seemed perfectly happy to engage with us and have their photos taken it wasn’t long until we were told by our guide to desist from taking photos of the kids (clearly from less well to do families) as we were frightening and upsetting them! Continue reading “Other Extra Curriculum Activity”

The Mangyongdae Children’s Palace

Mangyongdae Children’s Palace

The thing that first struck me about the Children’s Palace was the sheer size of the place. It is massive and given that up to 10,000 children pass through here each day it would have to be. The purpose of the Palace, and others though smaller around the country, is to provide extracurricular activities for children so that their mothers can engage in “work, political and cultural activities”. While all children are apparently eligible to attend classes and other activities this Palace is very clearly a place for the most gifted and/or the privileged elite. Continue reading “The Mangyongdae Children’s Palace”