The Cooma Cenotaph and Corey Memorial Plaque and Diorama

The Cenotaph, a grey granite obelisk, was unveiled on ANZAC day in 1926 to commemorate soldiers from the town and district lost in World War I. Due to a cost overrun, the memorial cost £1,050, there was insufficient funds remaining in the kitty to have the names of the missing soldiers inscribed on the obelisk. Almost half of the £1,050 was contributed by spectators at the Memorial’s opening. Continue reading “The Cooma Cenotaph and Corey Memorial Plaque and Diorama”

The Cenotaph – Martin Place


As war memorials go, Sydney’s Cenotaph is small and rather plain though perhaps this has as much to do with its location, exposed in the centre of Martin Place in the midst of rather large and ornate buildings, rather than the actual Cenotaph itself. Continue reading “The Cenotaph – Martin Place”