Goulburn Jewish Cemetery

I have to say that  it came as a bit of a surprise to me that Goulburn had a relatively high proportion of Jews amongst its population from the 1840s to the 1870s. The Census of 1841 recorded 22 Jews living in the town. The Census of 1846 recorded 54 Jews in Goulburn with another 59 in the adjoining Argyle County. At this time Goulburn had the third largest Jewish population in Australia, after Sydney and Melbourne. Continue reading “Goulburn Jewish Cemetery”

Mortis Street Pioneer Cemetery – Goulburn

The was the first Goulburn General Cemetery (Roman Catholics, Presbyterians and Methodists could use it) and it was established in the late 1830s, slightly later than the Anglican Cemetery of St Saviour’s, located less then a kilometre from here at the other end of Cemetery Road. The cemetery was officially closed for burials when the new, and current, Goulburn General Cemetery was opened in 1904 though family members continued to be buried here in family plots until around 1954. Continue reading “Mortis Street Pioneer Cemetery – Goulburn”

Palmerville Heritage Park – Imagine the History

Strolling down the main red gravel avenue within Palmerville Heritage Park my mind wandered back one hundred and fifty years. I was imagining a Victorian couple out for a Sunday promanade along the pathway lined with gorgeous elms and poplars. It had that feel, notwithstanding the very un-British temperature when I visited – somewhere in the mid thirties (centigrade). Continue reading “Palmerville Heritage Park – Imagine the History”

‘A Conversation With Oscar Wilde’

45This rather unorthodox memorial and tribute to a rather unorthodox man was unveiled on 30 November 1998 by Stephen Fry, who played Oscar Wilde in the 1997 film “Wilde”.

Entitled  ‘A Conversation with Oscar Wilde’ the memorial, in the form of a green granite sarcophagus and designed as a seat, depicts Oscar Wilde, one of the most brilliant and flamboyant literary figures in late Victoria London, emerging from his afterlife, cigarette (when it has not been stolen) in hand, ready to share his renowned wit and views on anything and everything with whoever cares to sit down and have a chat. Continue reading “‘A Conversation With Oscar Wilde’”

Captain Moonlite And His Grave


On anything other than the briefest of visits to Gundagai you will hear about a ‘Captain Moonlite’. Captain Moonlite never lived in Gundagai and, from what I can ascertain, his only visit to the town was a short time he spent, at Her Majesty’s pleasure, in the former Gundagai Gaol prior to a committal hearing in the adjacent Gundagai Court House. Continue reading “Captain Moonlite And His Grave”