Goulburn as a Rest Stop along the Hume Highway

Goulburn is just over two hours drive from Sydney and about an hour from Canberra. Alas, it is all to often seen as only a convenient rest stop en route from Sydney to anywhere on the southern part of the Australian land mass, though most typically Melbourne, Canberra or Adelaide. Continue reading “Goulburn as a Rest Stop along the Hume Highway”

Cafe Cassaro: “Cafe And Gift Shop”


For many years now, if I arrived into Balranald ( located about half way between Sydney and Adelaide – 600km from Adelaide and 800km from Sydney) around lunch time on my annual drive from Canberra to Adelaide, as I invariably did, I had lunch at the excellent Balranald Bakery (separate review). I have a particular soft spot for their apple slice.

A couple of years ago (in 2014) I noticed that another café had opened next door. In 2016 I decided to forgo my stop – and my apple slice – at the bakery and try Café Cassero which doubles as a gift shop offering lots of ‘stuff’ that didn’t appeal to me. But I was here to find something for lunch.

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Balranald Bakery and Cafe: “Fresh Bread In The Outback”


The small town of Balranald, approximately 1,000 inhabitants, lies in the west of New South Wales and is pretty much half way between Sydney and Adelaide, in South Australia.

As I only stop here for lunch, etc en route to Adelaide or back to Canberra (where I live) I have very little content on it to add to my blog at present. Continue reading “Balranald Bakery and Cafe: “Fresh Bread In The Outback””

Corin Forest Mountain Retreat – Cafe: “Go for the Pizza”


My plan for the day had been to do a short walk in the Cotter/Tidbinbilla area and a slightly longer one (9kms) in the northern part of the Namadgi National Park stopping for an early lunch in the Café at the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve Visitor Centre.

Two problems were encountered. Firstly, the weather closed in and a mist/drizzle descended in the northern Namadgi area which meant that, while we could have walked to Square Rock there was no point as we would have seen nothing. Easily fixed Square Rock was taken of the plan and a couple of short walk were added in Tidbinbilla. Secondly, we found the Cafe Tidbinbilla, the Visitor Centre, to be no more – and replaced by a coffee/drinks kiosk. Continue reading “Corin Forest Mountain Retreat – Cafe: “Go for the Pizza””

Gundagai Bakery: “Pies and Delicious Date Scones”


It is hard to go anywhere nowadays which doesn’t claim to have the biggest this, the oldest that, the longest other and so on and so forth. Gundagai is no exception and its claim to fame is that it has Australia’s oldest continually operating bakery – the Historic Gundagai Bakehouse, more commonly referred to as the Gundagai Bakery. Continue reading “Gundagai Bakery: “Pies and Delicious Date Scones””

Eating And Other Ways To Spend Your Money At Five Mile Creek


As well as stopping here on the Hume Highway, on the outskirts of Gundagai, to see the Dog on the Tuckerbox and what little that is left of Carberry’s Inn this is also a major rest stop along the highway connecting Sydney and Melbourne – about 4hrs from Sydney and just over that from Melbourne. It is also about 2hrs drive from Canberra, Australia’s Capital. Continue reading “Eating And Other Ways To Spend Your Money At Five Mile Creek”