Lake Burley Griffin – Northside: “Coffee by the Lake”


On the northside of the central part of Lake Burley Griffin and just across the road from the Carillon a (to use that currently (2017) trendy term – at least in Canberra) ‘pop-up’ coffee shop (or for the not so hip among my small readership a coffee van or cart) has appeared, on and off, over the last five or six years. Continue reading “Lake Burley Griffin – Northside: “Coffee by the Lake””

The Deck at Regatta Point: “Decent Food with a Decent View”


Walking around Lake Burley Griffin and visiting the numerous attractions around it can easily take days. Most visitors will be restricted to a day, or at most two. Irrespective, you will need to eat at some point. There are numerous options, mainly in terms of museum cafes and the like, but my favourite is The Deck, assuming that is that it is a nice day and you actually sit out on the deck rather than inside, which I find cold, bland and lacking in atmosphere. Continue reading “The Deck at Regatta Point: “Decent Food with a Decent View””

Dymocks Cafe: “A Hidden Treasure”


It’s funny that in a city with countless options for lovely cafes one (or is it just me?) seems to gravitate to old familiar places.

For me Dymocks Café is one of those old familiar places to which I seem to return time and time again. This pleasant and unpretentious café is located in the city centre’s largest bookstore (Dymocks) which, in itself, is a major draw card for me. Continue reading “Dymocks Cafe: “A Hidden Treasure””

Salthorse: “When Visiting Garden Island…”


There are two eating options on Garden Island.

The first is to bring your own food/picnic. This is an entirely feasible option given the lovely lawn areas on which you can sit and eat right on the foreshore of Sydney Harbour. Should you prefer it, there are a number of tables and seats which you can use. Although I didn’t notice them, there are free bbq facilities if you want to go the whole hog and cook. Continue reading “Salthorse: “When Visiting Garden Island…””