Societe Overboard: “Overpriced And Pedestrian”


On weekdays there is only one option to purchase food on Cockatoo Island (Dec 2016) and that is the oddly named Societe Overboard just by wharf where you will have disembarked the ferry. At weekends the Marina Café (on the other side of the small island) opens. As I was, on this occasion, visiting during the week I didn’t have an opportunity to try out the Marina Café. If it is on a par with the Societe Overboard I am glad I didn’t. Continue reading “Societe Overboard: “Overpriced And Pedestrian””


Egg of the Universe: A Good Healthy Option


Egg of the Universe bills itself as ‘Sydney’s only integrated Yoga Studio and Wholefoods café’ and its website focuses on the yoga aspect of the business.

As I didn’t come here to exercise a muscle, other than those in my mouth, I won’t comment on the yoga aspect of the business, except to say I did see various people entering and leaving with mats, presumably to part-take of, or having part-taken of, the yoga. Continue reading “Egg of the Universe: A Good Healthy Option”

Lake Burley Griffin – Northside: “Coffee by the Lake”


On the northside of the central part of Lake Burley Griffin and just across the road from the Carillon a (to use that currently (2017) trendy term – at least in Canberra) ‘pop-up’ coffee shop (or for the not so hip among my small readership a coffee van or cart) has appeared, on and off, over the last five or six years. Continue reading “Lake Burley Griffin – Northside: “Coffee by the Lake””

The Deck at Regatta Point: “Decent Food with a Decent View”


Walking around Lake Burley Griffin and visiting the numerous attractions around it can easily take days. Most visitors will be restricted to a day, or at most two. Irrespective, you will need to eat at some point. There are numerous options, mainly in terms of museum cafes and the like, but my favourite is The Deck, assuming that is that it is a nice day and you actually sit out on the deck rather than inside, which I find cold, bland and lacking in atmosphere. Continue reading “The Deck at Regatta Point: “Decent Food with a Decent View””