The Towrang Stockade and the Great South Road

When Messers Hume and Meehan visited the Goulburn area, the first Europeans to properly explore the area and see its potential, in 1818 they certainly did not do the trip from Sydney in two hours, along to-day’s multi-lane Hume Highway which connects Sydney to Melbourne via Goulburn. Rather, they would have travelled across country on horseback and on foot, if lucky along Aboriginal tracks. The 200kms trip would have taken many days, if not weeks, through a heavily, and almost impenetrable, forested area covered with Bargo brush. Continue reading “The Towrang Stockade and the Great South Road”

Captain Moonlite And His Grave


On anything other than the briefest of visits to Gundagai you will hear about a ‘Captain Moonlite’. Captain Moonlite never lived in Gundagai and, from what I can ascertain, his only visit to the town was a short time he spent, at Her Majesty’s pleasure, in the former Gundagai Gaol prior to a committal hearing in the adjacent Gundagai Court House. Continue reading “Captain Moonlite And His Grave”

Carberry’s Inn – Five Mile Creek


While whether Bullocky Bill’s dog ‘sat on’ or ‘shat in’ his tuckerbox here at Five Mile Creek or at Nine Mile Creek is a matter of debate what is for real is that Five Mile Creek has long been an important rest stop for travellers. In the early 1800s it was a base and rest stop for pioneers making their way further into the then unexplored interior of Australia. Today it is a favourite rest stop for the modern traveller traversing the south-east tip of Australia via the 840 kms long Hume Highway which links Australia’s two largest cities, Sydney and Melbourne. Continue reading “Carberry’s Inn – Five Mile Creek”