Red Explorer Bus – Hop-on Hop off


Readers of others of my reviews will be aware that, with one exception – Cape Town – I feel that, for me, hop-on-hop-off bus services are too restrictive and not worth what they charge. I prefer to do my own thing and find local transport services to be as convenient, generally much more frequent and certainly a lot cheaper. Continue reading “Red Explorer Bus – Hop-on Hop off”


Long Distance Bus services, including to Tallinn


Riga’s International bus station, which also services domestic locations outside the Riga area, is very conveniently situated at the southern end of the Old City and a few hundred metres from the train station. Local trams, trolleybuses and buses pass within a very short distance of the station as well.

While the station is small and services are limited it is clean, well laid out and has everything necessary for your trip into or out of the city, including a tourist information office (Live Riga) for those arriving. Continue reading “Long Distance Bus services, including to Tallinn”

Getting around in Riga


Most visitors with just a day or two in Riga will generally not have time to venture beyond the Old City area and what they want to/ have time to see can easily be reached on foot. There is no doubt that walking is the best way to get around the Old City area and, indeed, slightly beyond.

In planning my trip I knew I wanted to spend a bit of time exploring the Moscow District. I also wanted to visit the massive Soviet Victory Monument across the Daugava River and the former KGB building. The latter I ended up walking to and it’s really not that far from the Old City centre anyway. Continue reading “Getting around in Riga”

When to visit and how to get to Enniskillen


When to Visit

The best time to visit Enniskillen and County Fermanagh is between May and September.

While rain is likely at any time of year (the greenness you will encounter doesn’t just happen!) it is marginally less likely and temperatures are at least warmer between these months. Personally I prefer May or September to the more touristy (never overbearing) and school holidays high season in July and August. Continue reading “When to visit and how to get to Enniskillen”

Pyongyang’s Trolley-buses

Until very recently, about a month after my visit in April 2014, tourists did not get to ride on a trolley-bus. Looking at my pictures attached you might think that is no big deal or, in fact, a good thing.

A short trip on a trolley-bus is now featuring on some tours. It is another one of these things, like a walk in the street, that are a must do only because you are in North Korea. Continue reading “Pyongyang’s Trolley-buses”