Salaspils Concentration Camp Memorial


“The earth moans beyond this gate’

These are the words inscribed on the face of the massive concrete structure  which serves as the gateway to the former Salaspils (Kurtenhof) concentration camp. Continue reading “Salaspils Concentration Camp Memorial”

Soviet Victory Monument


The imposing Soviet Victory Monument or to give it its full name, the “Monument to the Liberators of Soviet Latvia and Riga from the German Fascist Invaders” is a late, though still fairly classic, example of Soviet Brutalist architecture, located in Victory Park on the left side of the Daugava River. Continue reading “Soviet Victory Monument”

1905 – Bloody Sunday Monument


On Sunday, 9th January 1905 (Bloody Sunday) hundreds of workers protesting against oppressive labour practices and seeking improved living conditions were killed by the Tsar’s guard in St Petersburg. This heavy handed response by Tsar Nicholas II set off the failed 1905 Revolution. Some say it also spurred on the successful 1917 Revolution, which saw the Bolsheviks seizing power from the Tsar and the creation of the communist Soviet Union. Continue reading “1905 – Bloody Sunday Monument”