Gundagai’s Historic Bridges


The landscape at Gundagai is dominated by three bridges spanning the Murrumbidgee river and its floodplain: the Prince Alfred Bridge, the Railway Bridge, and the new Sheahan Bridge which forms part of the Hume Highway linking Sydney to Melbourne. Continue reading “Gundagai’s Historic Bridges”


Harbour Bridge – Pylon Climb


There are two options in terms of climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge – either a climb up the south-east Pylon, the one closest to Circular Quay, or the main bridge climb by which you can get to the top of the arch. I have not done the main bridge climb, nor do I intend to, for reasons outlined on my Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb review. You can also find more details on the Bridge and its history in my main Sydney Harbour Bridge review. Continue reading “Harbour Bridge – Pylon Climb”

Sydney Harbour Bridge – Climb


When I wrote my main review on the Sydney Harbour Bridge I deliberately focused on the history of the bridge and admiring it from anywhere other than its upper heights. I did not want a negative commentary on climbing (to the top) to detract the visitor from enjoying what is one of Sydney’s top sites. Accordingly, I have decided to write here separately on the bridge climb. Continue reading “Sydney Harbour Bridge – Climb”