Mother Kim Jong-suk – Starting a Trend in Cross Border Travel to China?

Our final stop in Hoeryong, specifically related to the memory of Kim Jong-suk, was the banks of the Tumen River which, here, serves as the country’s northern border with China. Having completed our tour of the Kim Jong-suk city sites we boarded our bus for the short trip to the border. Continue reading “Mother Kim Jong-suk – Starting a Trend in Cross Border Travel to China?”

The Straight Line Border Walk

As I write this review borders, border security and cross border trade are very topical issues in many parts of the world. So much so that it got me wondering about the border between the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and the state of New South Wales (NSW), here in Australia. I needed to know if we, in the ACT, were safe from the evils of NSW! Continue reading “The Straight Line Border Walk”

Our short crossing – Sinuiju to Dandong, China


After lunch our passports, entry permits and exit cards had been returned to us and we were asked to sign the pre-completed exit cards which were written in Korean and completed in Korean. Having jokingly asked our guide what she had written about me on my exit card she had a second look and changed one answer explaining that I had now been converted from female to male. I signed the card, wondering what else might be incorrect on it and what fate might shortly befall me for ‘my’ false declarations. Continue reading “Our short crossing – Sinuiju to Dandong, China”

Reunification Murals


Just prior to entering the Demilitarised Zone (DMZ) we entered what I would describe as a sort of compound area. Here we were asked to get of the bus and attend a briefing session prior to continuing on into the DMZ. At this point the bus was searched (I imagine for stowaways) and our local guides and the driver surrendered their identity documents to the military. Continue reading “Reunification Murals”