Argyle Emporium (Bookshop) – Former Court and Police Station

For those who love secondhand books (including rare and hard to find editions), vinyl records/ music and audio cassettes, comics, or other entertainment memorabilia including limited edition items, but above all books, and who are in need of a bit of retail therapy, it is impossible to go past the Argyle Emporium – housed in the Goulburn’s former courthouse and police station. Continue reading “Argyle Emporium (Bookshop) – Former Court and Police Station”

Dymocks Cafe: “A Hidden Treasure”


It’s funny that in a city with countless options for lovely cafes one (or is it just me?) seems to gravitate to old familiar places.

For me Dymocks Café is one of those old familiar places to which I seem to return time and time again. This pleasant and unpretentious café is located in the city centre’s largest bookstore (Dymocks) which, in itself, is a major draw card for me. Continue reading “Dymocks Cafe: “A Hidden Treasure””

Oh, behave! – Abbey’s Bookshop


Wandering around Sydney or indeed any city or town in Australia the evident dearth of bookshops must surely make visitors wonder if Australians can read.

Well, in the main, we can, but reading is not the major pastime it is in the cooler climes of Europe. Australians are more at home on the beach or at a footie match than sitting by the fire or tucked up in bed with a book. Continue reading “Oh, behave! – Abbey’s Bookshop”