Little Boats at the Maritime Museum


In my separate review, Big Boats at the Maritime Museum, I gave brief details on the larger vessels at the Australian National Maritime Museum which I feel are worth boarding and thus buying a BIG ticket at A$30 to do so, especially so if the special exhibition on at the time of your visit is of interest as the BIG ticket gives access to it as well. Continue reading “Little Boats at the Maritime Museum”

Get out and about on Lough Erne

Castle Archdale Marina – Day Boat

Apart from a seasonal ferry to White Island and a larger boat to Devenish Island there are no commercial boat services on either Upper or Lower Lough Erne.

If you want to explore the lough you have two choices. You can drive around it stopping off at points of interest and take the available boat trips to Devenish and White Islands. Alternatively, or additionally, you can hire a boat and spend some time out on the lough. Continue reading “Get out and about on Lough Erne”