The Tower of the Juche Idea

Tower of Juche Idea from Kim Il-sung Square

By the end of the Korean War (1953) Kim Il-sung had had enough of foreign imperialist intervention in the affairs of Korea. He had, with more than a little help from the Soviet Union, something, which now seems to have been forgotten about, managed to stem Japanese Imperialism and remove them from Korea in 1945. In 1953 he had defeated the United States in the Fatherland Liberation War (to outsiders the Korean War) though the US continued to occupy the southern part of the country as it does to this day. Continue reading “The Tower of the Juche Idea”

Moranbong Youth Park Walk – S**t Happens

Moranbong Youth Park

While having lunch we were advised that our first post lunch activity would be a walk in the park – a ‘star attraction’ of our trip. We would be able to see ordinary people having a picnic and generally enjoying their day off. As it was Kim Il-sungs 102nd birthday bash there would be more people than normal in the park so we needed to ensure we didn’t get lost – read veer away from our guides. Continue reading “Moranbong Youth Park Walk – S**t Happens”