Metal Birds by the Sea


After nearly forty kilometres sitting on my bicycle saddle – ok, I had stopped numerous times en route along the Torrens Linear Trail from the Adelaide Hills to the coast just south of Henley Beach – I knew I was getting to the end of my ride when, in the distance, I saw a pelican sitting on the top of what looked like one of three old telegraph poles (picture 2). Continue reading “Metal Birds by the Sea”

Go Find a Wirebird

Rare Wirebird

Alas, unlike on my next stop on Ascension Island, time did not permit me to explore in any detail either the flora or fauna on St Helena other than admire from a distance which, of course, I did. I would love to have had the time to get out and take advantage of some of the great walks which are possible on the Island.

While not an avid birdwatcher, I did however determine that I wanted to see the only endemic bird on the island – the St Helena Plover, commonly referred to as the Wirebird due to its longish spindly legs. I figured (rather I was told!) that my best chance of a sighting was on Deadwood Plain or the St Helena Golf Club both close to Longwood. Continue reading “Go Find a Wirebird”