International Friendship Exhibition


Throughout our tour in North Korea our guides went to great lengths to extol the virtues and wholesomeness of North Korea and its Leaders and took great pride in the fact that it and its people are pure, clean and devoid of negative outside influences. Our guide told us of how the State makes every effort to protect itself and its citizens from everything bad and wicked. This, of course or at least for the domestic audience, explains why North Korea isolates itself from the outside world rather than the outside world isolating itself from North Korea. Continue reading “International Friendship Exhibition”

Grand People’s Study House (Part 2)

Books in the Library!

In part one of my review I provided a broad overview of the Study House/ library. In this review I will cover the library’s resources available to the people.

The Grand People’s Study House is said to contain 30 million volumes and other articles including the 10,800 works of Kim Il-sung and, perhaps more famously among tourists, it does contain an encyclopaedia on chickens which forms part of the library’s English Language collection. Continue reading “Grand People’s Study House (Part 2)”