Pyongsong en route to Mt Myohyang

When I visited Mt Myohyang (best known as home to the International Friendship Exhibition) in 2014 we went there directly from Pyongyang and returned to the city with no stops en route, in either direction.  In 2018 we had a few stops on the way up in South Pyongan Province and one, in North Pyongan Province, on our return to Pyongyang.

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The Great London Beer Flood


My review on the Great Dangaroo Flood introduced my reader to a memorial plaque in Old Compton Street, Soho commemorating a totally fictional flood. This review covers another great London flood which, while sounding equally fanciful, was a real event. I refer to the Great London Beer Flood.

At around 6pm on 17 October 1814 a 15 feet high tsunami of around 1.5million litres of beer unleashed itself from the Horse Shoe Brewery (depicted above in the mid 1800s), owned by Messrs Henry Meux and Co, in the St Giles district of London – the present day site of the Dominion Theatre. Continue reading “The Great London Beer Flood”

Ægir Brewery Restaurant: “A Viking Experience”


For background information and details on the Ægir Brewery and Pub see my separate review on the pub/brewery part of the business.

The restaurant forms the upper level of the old Norse/Viking styled building though the traditional décor is less obvious in the restaurant than it is in the bar/brewery making me think that the restaurant was a later loft conversion, if you like. Continue reading “Ægir Brewery Restaurant: “A Viking Experience””

Ægir Brewery and Pub: “Atmospheric Beer Drinking”


After all the walking, cycling, train and boat travel you’ve done in and around Flåm you are going to need a drink and there is no better place for that than the Ægir Brewery and Pub right in the village centre. Of course, engaging in one or more of these activities in not a pre-requisite to having a drink here! Continue reading “Ægir Brewery and Pub: “Atmospheric Beer Drinking””

Bavarian Bier Cafe: “A Hearty Bavarian Meal”


Earlier in the evening, around dusk, I had passed by the Bavarian Bier Café en route back to my hotel, about 50 metres away. It looked completely dead and very dark inside. Coming out a little later looking for somewhere to have dinner I saw that the doors were still open so I had a look at the menu on display and a cracking pork belly dish appealed to me. Continue reading “Bavarian Bier Cafe: “A Hearty Bavarian Meal””

‘Kim Jong-Ale’

Taedonggang Craft Brewery

I am not a big beer drinker but do like the odd one every now and then. I didn’t really expect much in this department in North Korea though I did know that the beer and water would be included with lunch and dinner.

The beer we were served wasn’t bad. Clearly the brewers had taken heed of Kim Jong-il’s 2002 on-the-spot guidance when he exhorted that what was essential was to ‘keep beer tasty’ and that ‘to produce the best quality beer it is necessary to conduct tireless research’. Continue reading “‘Kim Jong-Ale’”