Take the Tram to Glenelg


This review is an introduction to Glenelg on which I have written a series of seperate reviews under the Glenelg category. Obviously, I recommend you look at and visit Glenelg should you find yourself in Adelaide.

Glenelg is Adelaide’s premier, at least in terms of visitor numbers, seaside resort on the shore of Holdfast Bay/ Gulf St Vincent about 10 kms from Adelaide City centre. It is named after Lord Glenelg, then Britain’s Secretary of State for War and the Colonies. Continue reading “Take the Tram to Glenelg”

Henley Beach and Square


Henley Beach (named after Henley-on-Thames in England) is an Adelaide beach-side suburb which, as the name suggests has a beach, and an excellent one at that, part of a 30km plus beautiful white sand beach which runs from Outer Harbor south to Brighton and beyond. Henley Beach is one of many seaside resorts on Gulf St Vincent and one of my favourites – genteel yet modern. Continue reading “Henley Beach and Square”

Catch the Train to Grange


Grange, formerly a village separate from Adelaide, is now one of a number of seaside suburbs to the north of the city, along the beautiful coast of Gulf St Vincent.

Once one traverses a small amount of vegetated sand dunes one gets to a beautiful white sand beach. Bring your own shade, sunscreen and lots of water. There are ample access points along the esplanade and there is direct access from the small commercial part of Grange by the jetty. Continue reading “Catch the Train to Grange”

Largs Bay And The Largs Pier Hotel


Largs Bay is the smallest of a number of seaside resorts on Gulf St Vincent and is within easy reach of Adelaide city centre (15kms). Located between Semaphore and Outer Harbor it is certainly worth a stop if you are driving around the LeFevre Peninsula or riding along the cycle path which runs from Outer Harbor, in the north, to Brighton, in the south. Outside the natural beauty of the coastline the historic Largs Pier Hotel is worthy a look. Continue reading “Largs Bay And The Largs Pier Hotel”

Swim And Surf Safely On Sydney’s Beaches


If only via the medium of television, my reader may already be familiar with the famous Bondi Beach lifesavers who patrol that beach in their red and yellow outfits, coming to the rescue of countless hapless swimmers and surfers each year.

Needless to say these members of the Bondi Surf Bathers’ Life Saving Club do a wonderful job and while it was the first surf lifesaving club in Australia and is the oldest active surf lifesaving club in the world it is now only one of many such clubs in Australia. Continue reading “Swim And Surf Safely On Sydney’s Beaches”

Avalon Beach : King Arthur’s Paradise Down Under


According to legend, Avalon was the earthly paradise chosen by King Arthur as his final resting place. Seeing Avalon Beach, first from my walk along Bangalley Head and then from walking along the beach itself, I couldn’t help wondering if this was Arthur’s Avalon. Admittedly, I do wonder a lot sometimes. Continue reading “Avalon Beach : King Arthur’s Paradise Down Under”

Whale Beach – A Great Little Beach


Whale Beach is, at 600m long, one of the smaller of Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Notwithstanding that it is one of the prettiest and least frequented by tourists, the latter not least because there is no public transport directly to the beach. The nearest bus stop (on Barrenjoey Rd – L90 Surf Road stop) is 1km or 15 minutes walk from the beach, along Surf Road. Continue reading “Whale Beach – A Great Little Beach”