Avalon Beach : King Arthur’s Paradise Down Under


According to legend, Avalon was the earthly paradise chosen by King Arthur as his final resting place. Seeing Avalon Beach, first from my walk along Bangalley Head and then from walking along the beach itself, I couldn’t help wondering if this was Arthur’s Avalon. Admittedly, I do wonder a lot sometimes. Continue reading “Avalon Beach : King Arthur’s Paradise Down Under”


Whale Beach – A Great Little Beach


Whale Beach is, at 600m long, one of the smaller of Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Notwithstanding that it is one of the prettiest and least frequented by tourists, the latter not least because there is no public transport directly to the beach. The nearest bus stop (on Barrenjoey Rd – L90 Surf Road stop) is 1km or 15 minutes walk from the beach, along Surf Road. Continue reading “Whale Beach – A Great Little Beach”

Barrenjoey Lighthouse & Its Luckless Early Keepers


At the northern end of the Pittwater Peninsula, Barrenjoey Headland commands the entrance to Broken Bay, the Hawkesbury River and The Pittwater. Throughout the 19th century The Pittwater (see my separate review) was an important shipping route giving access to Sydney, used by legitimate traders and smugglers alike. It also provided temporary safe anchorage for passing ships seeking to escape a storm. Safe access to it from the ocean was an imperative. Continue reading “Barrenjoey Lighthouse & Its Luckless Early Keepers”

Pittwater And Barrenjoey Beach


While I had heard of The Pittwater I actually visited the northernmost part of Sydney’s Northern Beaches Council Area to see Palm Beach and the Barrenjoey Lighthouse and because the Lighthouse was to be the starting point for my coastal walk from here, the most northerly point of Greater Sydney, to Cronulla Beach, some 100kms south and the city’s most southerly beach. The full walk will be done over an unspecified period of time! Continue reading “Pittwater And Barrenjoey Beach”

Ireland’s Capital of Fun


……or, a day at the beach.

Looking at pictures of an empty beach and dejected looking funfair rides, my Reader might be forgiven for wondering why I have chosen the title I have for this review. I would have expected a similar reaction had I entitled this review ‘Ireland’s Premiere Seaside Resort’. Both terms are taken from the town’s tourist literature. Continue reading “Ireland’s Capital of Fun”

A Postcard From The South Pacific


This is the stuff that picture postcards from the South Pacific are made off.

Kuto is a crescent shaped, white powder sand, beach over a kilometre in length. It is lapped by the warm, transparent and turquoise waters of the South Pacific and flanked by swaying palms, and many of the island’s endemic columnar pines, providing ample shade between swims, sun bathing or strolls along the beach. If you are into beaches, what more could you possibly need? Continue reading “A Postcard From The South Pacific”