Belmore Park – The Living Heart of Goulburn

The centrepiece or living heart of Goulburn is the beautiful Belmore Park, a peaceful green oasis in the centre of one of the cleanest and tidiest cities (while officially a city it only has a population of 24,000) that I have visited. The Park is full of interesting things in itself, it has a few good cafes around about it and all of the city’s central attractions are within an easy walk. Continue reading “Belmore Park – The Living Heart of Goulburn”

The Forthill Promenade and Pleasure Park

A rather formal name for a very pretty little park worthy an hour or so of your time. Locals refer to it as Forthill Park or simply Cole’s Monument. You might secure a rather strange look about town if you enquire as to the whereabouts of the Pleasure Park! Continue reading “The Forthill Promenade and Pleasure Park”